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Peaceful Energy Surrounds Me Bracelet

$ 32.00

(8mm - All Around / 10mm - Front- Center)

A Warm & Peaceful Energy Surrounds Me ~ Aqua Terra Jasper, Rose Quartz & White Howlite Bracelet

Aqua Terra Jasper - A stone of tranquility - Helps to bring inner peace - Attracts what you want in life - Helps to heal your health

Rose Quartz is a stone of love. This stone helps the wearer to nurture and love the self. In tough times, rose quartz is said to bring calming and reassuring energy. Physically, rose quartz helps the female reproductive system, release stress and improve the circulatory system.

White Howlite - A calm and peaceful stone - Helps to reduce anxiety and stress - Encourages emotional healing and removing selfish, rude and greedy behaviors - Helps the bones.