What's my shade?

Try the Skin Tone Test!

Did you know your skin has two colors? One is the surface color, which can change depending on sun exposure and other skin conditions like rosacea and acne. The other color is your skin’s undertone and this will remain constant your entire life. Which one is the key to finding your perfect makeup colors? Your undertone!

Knowing your skin’s undertone is the key to ensuring that your foundation compliments your skin and your cosmetic color products look most natural. When you're foundation doesn’t properly match your skin's undertone, something will look not quite right.

What’s my undertone?

Try all three of these tests to determine your skin undertone:

  1. Stand before a well-lit mirror — if possible, with a white background. Cover your hair with a white towel and only have white clothing touching your skin — you want to remove any competing color from your view. What do you see?
  • A bluish tint? You have cool undertones.
  • A greenish tint? You have neutral undertones.
  • A yellowish tint? You have warm undertones.

  1. Take a piece of yellow-gold jewelry and a piece of silver/platinum jewelry and, alternating, hold them against your skin. Which looks better? (Not which do you prefer!)
  • Yellow-gold looks better? You have warm undertones.
  • Silver/platinum looks better? You have cool undertones.
  • Both look equally good? You have neutral undertones.

  1. In the sunlight, look at the veins on the underside of your forearm or underarm (some of us have better veins in our feet!). What color are they?
  • Green and blue veins? You have neutral undertones.
  • Blue or blue-purple veins? You have cool undertones.
  • Yellow or olive veins? You have warm undertones.

I’m cool! What makes me sparkle?

If you’re cool, you’ll want to choose a foundation with a neutral or pink base. The base color is the undertone of the foundation that will match your skin’s undertone and create a perfectly blended canvas to add your color.

For your color cosmetics, you’ll want to look at colors with pink, red or blue undertones. This means colors in the silver, grey, magenta, jewel tones, and blue-red palettes will bring out your natural beauty.

I’m warm! What makes me glow?

If you’re warm, you’ll want to choose a foundation with a yellow or peach base. Foundations with these base tones will be the best at complimenting the warm undertones of your skin.

For your color cosmetics, you’ll want to look at colors with yellow, golden or peach undertones. This means colors in the gold, copper, bronze, earth tones, orange-red palettes will bring out your natural beauty.

I’m neutral! What makes me pop?

If you’re neutral, you can wear everything and anything! The cosmetic world is your colorful oyster!

Little black dress and Ugg boots?

Some rules should be broken — plaid with print, anyone? So if you’re a warm, but are feeling silvery and shimmery, go ahead and wear some fabulous silver eye shadow and enjoy. Just remember don’t break the foundation rules!

And, black is the exception to the color rule. Everyone can wear it.


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